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Career Profile: Home Health Aide - Leayana Hall

Career Profile: Home Health Aide - Leayana Hall

Leayana Hall, 25 Nathan Adelson Hospice, Las Vegas, NV Home Health Aide

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What do you do every day?

We go out and see our patients. We do daily baths and oral care and comb hair and take blood pressure, pulses and respirations. Basically we are doing patient care. On a regular day, we see five or six patients. Most of my patients are elderly, but we also get teenagers and babies. We see people of all ages.

Home Health Aide: Should I Give it a Try?

1. I like to be independent and have a lot of control over my day-to-day work.


What training did you do for your job?

If you take certified nursing assistant class through a facility such as a nursing home or a hospice organization it takes about three weeks to a month, full time. We went through courses to learn how to take pulsesm respirations and blood pressures. We also learned patient care, getting patients in and out of bed or wheelchair to bed, relocating patients to different areas. We took a CR [cardiopulmonary resuscitation] class and first aid. A CPR class usually takes a day.

What do you like most about your job?

I like meeting different people every day and the different personalities we come in contact with, and just knowing that you’re helping someone, that you’re contributing your part. If you are thinking about going into nursing, this is a good first step to see if it is something you really like.

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