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Put Your Bachelor's in Healthcare Administration to Work

Put Your Bachelor's in Healthcare Administration to Work

Peter Vogt / MonsterTRAK Career Coach

What Jobs Can You Look For?

A review of the jobs Towson’s health management grads landed exemplifies the variety of entry-level career possibilities you can pursue with a bachelor’s in healthcare administration. For example, among Towson’s class of 2005, you’ll find:

Healthcare Administration: Is it The Job for Me?

1. Do you enjoy methodical work?


• An office manager for a physician practice.
• A business development associate for a clinical pharmacology center.
• A staff auditor for a healthcare financial consulting firm.
• An executive administrative assistant for a nursing facility.
• An administrative medical assistant for a hospital anesthesia department.
• A program reimbursement specialist for a pharmaceutical company.

More on Healthcare Administration

Salary: $55,320 - $125,988
Min. Education: Bachelor's
Related Careers: Health Information Technician & Technologist, Health Educator

While some of Wiggins’s students go straight to graduate school, most others end up in ambulatory-care management positions. “Some walk into group practice administrator positions right out of our program, especially if they’ve done their internships in that area,” Wiggins says. “But more likely, they’ll start as the office manager or assistant administrator in a group practice, or as a specialized manager, such as financial manager, human resources or information technology specialist in a large group practice.”

The specific job you land — and the specific setting in which you land it — will depend to some degree on where you look geographically, according to Wiggins.

“In the very, very rural intermountain west of Idaho, the kinds of jobs my students get upon graduation are entry-level management in hospitals, maybe an assistant to the department head or mid-level in long-term care, or maybe assistant administrator of a nursing home,” she says.

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