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Indispensable Med/Lab Skills

Indispensable Med/Lab Skills

Jennifer LeClaire / Monster Contributing Writer

With newfangled technology replacing many manual tasks in the lab, medical technologists need to develop skills that will make them indispensable in the computer age. Such skills must go well beyond education and training to distinguish the leaders from the followers and ultimately make labs more efficient, more effective and more accurate.

What are these coveted skills? Julie Rufus, manager of the pathology lab at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, spells them out for her employees — literally. The traits correspond to the letters in the word “indispensable.”

“Indispensable medical technologists take initiative,” Rufus says. “They are not negative, but they are dependable. They make inquiries, stay calm, problem-solve, exert extra effort, never go around automated systems and set attainable objectives. My indispensable employees produce accurate results, bring people together, learn new skills and effectively communicate with the rest of the medical staff.”

These traits can serve as a useful guide for any med/lab worker writing a resume or preparing for an interview. Here’s a closer look at each one, by the letter:


Experts agree that the best med/lab workers take it upon themselves to help coworkers, learn new skills and support the staff in every possible way.

Not Negative

Star med/lab workers remain positive, even when instruments go down and the work piles up.

Displays Dependability

First-rate med/lab workers are the ones lab managers can depend on to complete their assigned tasks on or before deadline.


“Our star employees are not satisfied until they know why an instrument went offline,” Rufus explains. “They want to have the knowledge to prevent the downtime next time.”

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