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Indispensable Med/Lab Skills

Indispensable Med/Lab Skills

Jennifer LeClaire / Monster Contributing Writer

“Attention to detail and proper documentation are indispensable skills in the lab,” Nelson says. “In today’s litigious society, it is very important that we document our findings, especially when they directly impact patient safety and also to provide proper diagnostic information to the clinicians.”

Brings People Together

Indispensable lab employees don’t just stare into their microscopes all day. They bring people together to share ideas that can lead to positive changes in the lab.

Learns New Skills

Rufus says the best med/lab workers — while remaining competent at their current tasks — are lifelong learners. This commitment is especially important, because Rufus says she has seen employees become bored with their careers and leave the profession or move into another area of healthcare.

Effectively Communicates

Often overlooked, this is a make-or-break skill in the lab. “The best of the best know how to communicate with peers, supervisors and physicians,” Rufus says. “When an irate doctor is waiting on a lab result, you have to be able to clearly explain what the delay is and reassure them. Communication is essential.”

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