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Video Games Meet Surgical Training in Las Vegas

Video Games Meet Surgical Training in Las Vegas

Dr. Mohsin demonstrating a Stryker simulator

Camille Schenkel | Editor -

Despite UMC’s embrace of virtual training, the school currently does not train surgeons via the web through Twitter or Second Life. Dr. Lau cites patient privacy concerns, although he concedes that there is some value to these types of training because it exposes the general public to the intricacies of surgery in general.

Given the remote training needs and the number of smaller medical schools in the country that are experiencing budgetary constraints, it may be a good idea for medical simulation companies to consider delivering web-based simulation training. The experience may not be as high fidelity as as the full simulators offered by UMC (the haptic feedback is helpful) but the higher engagement for students and the lack of any training facilities at all in some areas may be worth the trade-off.

Despite recent funding setbacks, UMC is scheduled to open a 37,000 square foot simulation center, the University of Nevada School of Medicine Simulation Center, September 1, 2009. The larger facility will also provide training opportunities for non-surgical students, such as nurses and anesthesiologists.

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