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Pharmacy Specialties

Pharmacy Specialties

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Jennifer LeClaire | Monster Contributing Writer

Pediatric Pharmacists

This pharmacy subset specializes in medications used to treat or prevent conditions in children. Pediatric pharmacists often compound medications for specific ages and weights.

More on Pharmacists

Salary: $67,860 - $119,480
Min. Education: Doctorate
Related Careers: Physician, Dentist

Pharmaceutical Detailers

These professionals inform physicians about new drugs and promote ethical drug use for pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Pharmacist Attorneys

These pharmacists possess law degrees and deal with issues pertaining to pharmacists’ rights and duties. They work in various settings, including hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and corporations.

Pharmacy Benefit Managers

These pharmacists administer prescription drug programs for insurance companies, develop and maintain formularies, contract with pharmacies and negotiate discounts and rebates with drug manufacturers.

Poison-Control Pharmacists

Found at poison-control centers, hospitals, universities and consulting firms, these pharmacists answer emergency questions and suggest action plans regarding poisonous chemicals, hazardous toxins or harmful drug interactions.

Psychiatric Pharmacists

These pharmacists help optimize drug treatment and care for patients with psychiatric disorders by dispensing medication, conducting patient assessments, recommending treatment plans, monitoring patient response and recognizing adverse drug reactions.

Regulatory Pharmacists

These specialists work at state boards of pharmacy, state education departments and state departments of health.

The US military and US Public Health Service offer additional public-sector career avenues for pharmacists.

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