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As Seen on Facebook: The Secret Language of EMTs

As Seen on Facebook: The Secret Language of EMTs


Emergency medical technicians and paramedics are a special breed. And they have a language all their own – a language of acronyms, that, like most people in medicine – help them quickly communicate in code patient conditions and needs.

But it turns out that there’s more to the language of acronyms than meets the eye – or, in this case, the ear.

A group on Facebook has collected an alphabet soup of acronyms use to secretly communicate to one another.

Hear these letters spoken aloud and you may think some serious scientific terminology is being bandied about, but in fact, in the secret language of the acronym, what you fear more may be that they are secretly gossiping about you. Your fears may be confirmed after reading the list below.

Anyone who works in emergency medical services is sure to get a chuckle from this list, from the Facebook group “Emergency Medical Services: We Still Make House Calls.”

ABC = Airway, Blanket, Christ what now?
ABC = Airway. Breathing, Can you walk?
ABCDE = Airway, Breathing, Can you Walk?, Do you have a coat, Ever been in an ambulance?
ACP = A—holes Come in Pairs
ALS = Always Laying Supine
ALS = Aint Liftin S—t
ART = Assuming Room Temperature

BLS = Bring Lots of S—t
BOH = Bag of Hammers
BOHICA = Bend over, here it comes again
BOHICAWOKY = Bend over, here it comes again without KY
BRT = Big Red Truck

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Min. Education: Diploma, Associate's, Bachelor's
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CHAOS = Cheif Has Arrived On Scene
CRAFT = Can’t Remember A F—king Thing
CRS = Can’t Remember S—t
CTD = Circling The Drain

DILLIGAFY = Do I look Like I give a F*#k Yet?
DLF = Drive Like F—k
DQS = Drama Queen Scale (scored out of 10)
DRT = Dead Right There
DRT-ART = Dead Right There – Assuming Room Temperature

ECU = waiting to go to the E.C.U. ….eternal care unit
EMS = Earn Money Sleeping
EMT= Every Meaningless Task

FDASTW = Found Dead And Stayed That Way
FDGB = Fall Down Go Boom
F F = Frequent Flyer
FIDO = F—k It Drive On
FIRE = Firefighters Ignore Real Emergencies
FUBAR = F—ked up beyond all recognition
FUBAR BUNDY = F—ed up beyond all recognition but unfortunately not dead yet!

GAFF = Give a F—k Factor – but unfortunatly not dead yet!

HIBGIA = Had It Before, Got It Again

IFS = Idiot Family Scale

JAFO = Just another F—kin Observer
JAS = Jack Ass Scale (again out of 10)

LOLFD = Little Old Lady Fall Down
LOLFLOL = Little Old Lady Found Lying On Linoleum
LOLFDGB = Little old lady fall down, go boom

MEDIC = My Education Didn’t Include Carrying
MID = Muffin In Distress

OSDF = Oh S—t Drive Faster

PITA = Pain in the ass!
PUHA = Pull Up and Haul Ass

SOM = Sack o Mallets
STFF = Smarter Than Firefighers

TFBUNDY = Totally Fucked But Unfortunatly Not Dead Yet
TH = Tango Hotel (Tim Hortons)

WNL= We Never Looked

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