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Take Your Technology Career to Radiology

Take Your Technology Career to Radiology

By Wendy J. Meyeroff Monster Contributing Writer

Training Days

If, after doing this initial research, you decide to pursue rad tech careers, investigate accredited RT education programs in your area through the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). In most states, a two-year degree is the minimum requirement. You might be able to transfer some credits (like sociology) from your old degree, but be prepared to take anatomy, physiology, biology and other health-related courses.

Also, check the licensing requirements in your state and the CE requirements for your chosen specialty. For instance, the ARRT requires that radiographers earn 24 CE credits every two years to maintain their registered status. The ASRT has both licensing and CE information.

Patient Orientation

Johnnie Moore, MEd, RT, chair of the radiography program at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, emphasizes that while RTs must be comfortable around advanced technology, medical and patient-interaction skills are often more important.

“You have to interact with patients, and these patients are often sick,” explains Moore. “Can you cope with it if they have AIDS or some other communicable disease? What if they code while they’re on the table? You’re facing a life-and-death scenario. That’s when your healthcare skills come into play.” And if the sight of blood or wounds upsets you, this might not be the field for you, she says.

In addition, RTs can’t be afraid to get up close and personal with patients. Ultrasound, for instance, “is very operator-dependent on targeting the right area [to] get a good image,” says Millar. That means the ultrasound operator needs to be comfortable using the device directly on patients. “Empathy and good people skills” are a must, she says.

The Bottom Line

Opportunities in radiologic technology exist for IT professionals and others, but to be truly successful and effective, they must be willing to put in the due diligence required to become qualified healthcare workers.

This article originally appeared on Monster Career Advice.

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