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    Career Profile: Veterinary Technician

    Career Profile: Veterinary Technician
    h4. What’s the most interesting thing you do? Educating clients about how to care for their pets. A lot of people think being a vet tech means working with animals only, but I actually work with people more. [widget:1102] h4. What do you do on a typical day? We see appointments in the morning, which range from routine vaccinations to yearly ...
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    Career Q&A: Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

    h4. What will I do? You will operate special equipment that uses sound waves to produce images that detect a medical problem or monitor a patient’s condition Ultrasonography during pregnancy is the best-known use of these tests, but sonography is also used to check many other parts of the body. Interview with Diane Johnson, Diagnostic Medical Sonographer in Maryland Sonographers position ...
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