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    Critical-Care Nurses Specialize in Saving Lives

    Critical-Care Nurses Specialize in Saving Lives
    With an ability to think quickly, act decisively and stay calm when lives are at stake, critical-care nurses are among the in-demand healthcare professionals who make life-or-death decisions about patient care every day. Critical-care nurses treat patients at high risk for actual or potential life-threatening health problems and also tend to the emotional well-being of those patients' families. That's no small ...
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    Neonatal Nursing: An In-Depth Look

    Neonatal Nursing: An In-Depth Look
    With an increase in the number of premature babies requiring acute hospital care, new and experienced nurses are finding more career opportunities in neonatal nursing. Neonatal nurses work in general maternity wards and in neonatal intensive-care units (NICUs). Those caring for premature and critically ill babies spend their shifts diapering and feeding the infants, checking vital signs, administering medications and tests, ...
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    OTs Find Niche Consulting to Assisted-Living Facilities

    OTs Find Niche Consulting to Assisted-Living Facilities
    Entrepreneurial occupational therapists (OTs) are finding rich rewards by providing both rehabilitation and consulting services to assisted-living facilities and their residents. Assisted-living facilities occupy a niche between independent-living facilities and more-expensive skilled nursing homes, catering to people who are fairly independent but who need some assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) or who suffer dementia or incontinence. [widget:occupational_therapy_quiz] As society ...
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    Disaster Relief: Boost Your Skills — and Karma!

    Helping a little can go a long way. On September 26, 2009, Typhoon Ondoy (also internationally known as Typhoon Ketsana) dropped an entire month’s worth of rainfall on the Philippines in a matter of hours. Typhoon Ketsana has already claimed hundreds of lives and destroyed thousands of Philippine residents’ homes and crops vital to the area’s livelihood. It has claimed ...
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    Could You Succeed as an Independent Pharmacist?

    Could You Succeed as an Independent Pharmacist?
    Finding personalized service is increasingly difficult today, but independent pharmacists are among the few remaining business owners determined to greet customers by name. If you enjoy people, creativity and pharmaceutical science and have a knack for running a business, you've got the potential to become a successful independent community pharmacist. The nation's more than 24,000 independent pharmacies, which include some franchises ...
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