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    5 Steps to Becoming a Healthcare Administrator

    Healthcare administrators focus on the ins-and-outs that make a healthcare system or hospital function. Health administrators have a strong background in both management and healthcare, and, more often than not, hold at least a Master's degree. For an individual who is organized, driven, and knowledgeable, healthcare administration is a dream job. Learn how to get started on the path toward becoming ...
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    Where Can You Work with a Master's in Healthcare Administration?

    Where Can You Work with a Master's in Healthcare Administration?
    A master's degree in healthcare administration is mostly a blessing with a bit of a curse tossed in. It's a blessing in that you'll be able to explore management-oriented careers in a wide range of healthcare-related organizations and settings once you've finished your program. You'll also have the potential to oversee an assortment of essential activities: financial matters, regulatory and legal ...
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    5 Steps to Becoming a Medical Assistant

    So you want to become a medical assistant, but you aren't sure where to start? Well, you've come to the right place. AllHealthcare is here to provide you with a guide to help you fulfill your career goals. Medical assistants have the responsibility of performing many tasks at once - they take patients' vital signs, complete medical histories, and perform ...
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    Put Your Bachelor's in Healthcare Administration to Work

    Put Your Bachelor's in Healthcare Administration to Work
    When you watch popular hospital TV shows like "Grey's Anatomy" or "House," all you ever see are the people in clinical jobs - doctors, nurses and the like. It's as though the complex healthcare organizations these people work for run themselves. Not true, of course. Behind the scenes, and in a variety of settings, not just hospitals, you'll find dedicated people ...
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    Career Q&A: Home Health Aide

    h4. What will I do? Many people who are frail, sick or disabled would prefer to receive their care in the comfort of their homes, rather than a nursing home or medical facility. Comfort is important, but home care also makes good financial sense. Interview with Leayana Hall, Health Aide at Nathan Adelson Hospice, Las Vegas Home health care aides, also ...
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