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Would You Survive Your First Year in Healthcare?

Your first year in healthcare might be one of the most difficult years of your life. It can be trying to make the transition from student to seasoned veteran. Find out if you have what it takes!


Would You Pass the PCAT?

The Pharmacy College Admissions Test is the only exam accredited by the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy. It is the preferred admission test for entry into pharmacy college. The exam is 240-questions long, but you can use this 20-question quiz to help yourself study or test your readiness.


Would You Pass the PANCE?

The PANCE (Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam) is a grueling 6-hour test composed of 360 multiple choice questions. Passing the PANCE allows you to become a licensed Physician Assistant and allows you to go on to take the PANRE. Think you are ready? Test yourself with this quiz.


Would You Pass the NREMT?

The National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians is the nation's standard in EMS certification. Whether you are seeking employment as a EMT-Basic, EMT-Intermediate/85, or EMT-Paramedic, you will have to pass an NREMT exam. This cognitive exam tests your ability to treat patients prior to arriving at the hospital. Think you are ready to try your hand at emergency medicine? Take our quick quiz to see if you would pass the test!


Would You Pass the NPTE?

The National Physical Therapist Examination is the ultimate test of knowledge and skill used to assess whether or not an individual is ready to become a licensed physical therapist. This grueling 5-hour test is made of up 250 questions. Think you are ready to pass the exam? Test yourself with our quick quiz!


Would You Pass the NCLEX?

Passing the NCLEX exam is one of the most important steps en route to becoming a nurse. Use this quiz as a study guide to see how you would fare on the real test.


Would You Pass the HOBET?

The HOBET (Health Occupations Basic Entrance Test) is used by most health care degree programs to ensure students are ready to handle the demands of the profession as well as test critical thinking skills, basic math, science and reading comprehension, and determine a student's preferred learning style. Think you are ready to pass the HOBET? Find out now.