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How Ethical Are You?

Do people trust you to do the right thing? Find out if you’re good as gold or if you’ve got a little problem with ethics. And remember — be honest!


How Empathetic Are You?

How in tune are you with other people? Do you find it easy to connect with others? Find out!


How Does Your Hand Shake?

You can tell a lot about a person from their handshake. From flimsy, sweaty palms, to bone-crushing grips, find out what your handshake says about you!


How Do You React to Stress in the Workplace [PhD Certified]

How individuals tolerate stress, instability, and conflict at work varies across a continuum. Some people “roll with the punches” and others have a strong preference for stability. An individual’s style of reactivity is believed by some to be a fundamental personality trait, and may influence their satisfaction at work and in their personal life. Find out what your reaction style is:

Based on the Four Facets of Need for Stability in:
Howard, P.J., & Howard J.M. (2001). Professional Manual for the Workplace Big Five Profile (WB5P). Charlotte: Center for Applied Cognitive Studies.


How Considerate Are You?

Etiquette isn’t just about which fork to use. It’s mostly about treating people with respect, in the workplace and out. Do you treat people with consideration? Find out!


How Can You Simplify Your Life?

Between work, friends, and loved ones, you've got a lot going on in your life. Want to make things a little easier on yourself? See how you can cut down on tasks and have more time for you!


How Assertive Are You?

Say “yes” to the boss when you actually want to say “no?” Or do you stand up for yourself no matter what? Find out how assertive you really are!