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Home Health Aide: Should I Give it a Try?

Home Health Aides are one of the fastest growing careers around. It's a great place to start out in the healthcare field. There is lots of room to grow both in your job and with your education. Home health aides care for patients in many different settings, like nursing homes and hospitals. Think this sounds fun? Find out if it's the right career for you.


Healthcare Administration: Is it The Job for Me?

Healthcare Administrators, also known as Medical and Health Services Managers, help to run the business side of the healthcare industry. If you are interested in medicine, but don't want to give shots or treat wounds, a career as a Healthcare Administrator may be for you.


Eye Spy Hospital

You work in the hospital everyday but can you tell the difference between a syringe and a stethoscope? Check out these extreme close-ups of some every day hospital tools and see how many you can identify.


Emergency Medical Services: Should You Give it a Try?

One the most exciting jobs in the field of healthcare, EMTs and Paramedics are the first people victims have contact with when there has been an accident. EMS employees must be able to handle extreme stress and think on their feet. Sound exciting? Find out if this is the career for you!


Could You Get a Scholarship?

In today’s tight economy, every dollar counts and every opportunity is an important one. Think you’ve got what it takes when it comes to getting the scholarship that will get you ahead? Find out!


Could You Be the Perfect Pharmacy Technician?

Do you picture yourself working with medicines and calculating dosages? Pharmacy techs may do all that and more! Think you're right for the job? Take our quick quiz!


Best and Worst Bosses: Which One Are You?

Different leadership styles can lead to different results for each employee. But certain styles seem to be good or bad across the board, helping or hurting all employees with one fell swoop. Find out what kind of boss you are!