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The Career Romance Quiz

Thinking of dating a coworker? Before you fall in love on the job, find out if the relationship is worth promoting or doomed for workplace disaster.


The Cover Letter Quiz

Never underestimate the importance a cover letter. A cover letter can often give employers a better sense of who you are and what you can bring to the table. Think you are ready to write the perfect cover letter? Take this quiz and find out.


The Health IQ Test

You don't need to find the fountain of youth to be healthy and happy. Knowledge can be the key to a long life. See how much you know and how far it'll take you!


The Healthcare Interview Quiz

Afraid your career prospects might flat-line at the interview? Revive your chances by practicing how to answer common health care interview questions with this virtual interview quiz.


The Viagra Chronicles

The little blue pill - Viagra - that helped 35 million men around the globe with erectile dysfunction - was first released 10 years ago. How much do you know about the blue pill's vibrant past?


What Are Your Coworkers Saying About You?

Gossip in the breakroom. Flame wars on company email. Being an employee isn’t always pretty. Ever wonder what they’re saying about you behind your back? You don’t have to spy on them, take this test and find out!


What is Your Ideal Work Environment?

Everyone works more efficiently in work places that fit their personality. Whether it be in a war bunker or poolside, our surroundings can dictate how efficient we are at work. Which work environment is best for you?